Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen! I did it! I'm a triathlete! Photographic evidence below...

I love this picture because you can't tell what's going on. Why am I in a field? Where is everyone else? Am I lost? If this was any bigger, you would see so many more people and flags and shenanigans, but nope. All you see is wilderness.

FINISHED! And super psyched about it. But lady behind me? Stop stealing all of my awesome moves.

Welcome to the gun show my friends. #600 was so cute that Blaire just went ahead and married him. Like 3 years ago, but still.

Me in the middle of the two people I conned into racing with me, enjoying a post-race beer. The beer tent was next to the ice cream tent. If you didn't already know I was in Wisconsin, that should be your first clue. 'sconnie's know how to party!

Me and my cousin, who kicked my ass, but she's cute so I forgive her.
Overall, it was an amazing awesome experience, and I think everyone should try it. I want to do a few more this summer, but they are expensive, so I'm working it out. But seriously, it was so fun and I wasn't even sore the next day. The bike was my favorite part, hands down. I'm excited to head to CO this summer to ride on some real hills.
A HUGE shout out to Skylar for being the only one to remember her camera the whole weekend.
SOTD: Ridin' Dirty by Chameleon. How bored are these dudes in their mom's basement?