Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ok, Cupid: Let's Do This

You guys? It's spring and it's nice out and I'm so happy playing outside, but where are the boys? No, seriously.

Ok, fine, Universe. You win. I'm back in the online dating game, via a site called okcupid. It's like match, except it's free. The main difference I'm noticing? The number of artists/actors/creative types/people "having trouble with the job market". Is it wrong that I'm judgy about people who don't have a regular source of income? I mean, how are you going to be my sugar daddy if you don't even have a j-o-b?

So anyway, wish me luck. I'm keeping my standards high and my expectations low.

SOTD: I Just Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble. NERD ALERT! I can't help myself- I love me some Michael Buble, even though I spend quite a bit of time in my brain making fun of him. I'm pretty sure his world looks like a romantic comedy in the worst possible way. But it's catchy and fun, and I can't fight it anymore.

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