Monday, February 2, 2009

Sleepy girl ramblin'

Hey, you guys- this is my 150th post. Not bad considering I wasn't sure if this was a good idea. I'll be keeping it past the big dirty 30 celebration.

Anyway, a few things that are on my mind today.

First, am I the only one who looks at this shape and sees nothing but T'nA? No seriously. My roommate has already backed me up on this:

Someone really needs to let her know.

Also, has anyone ever noticed what a great swear Puxatawney Phil makes? Pretend you just stubbed your toe and say it out loud. Seriously, it's awesome. I'm totally going to start using that at school.

I learned how to drive stick. Blaire taught me, and it was nothing but giggling in a Burger King parking lot. Then we tried hittin' the streets, and it was nothing but honking and more giggling. I have a pic, but I can't find my cord to load pics to my computer (Sarah, do you still have that?) so too bad for you. One less thing on the list, though.

This is pathetic, but I'm blogging to keep myself awake. I have to stay up until at least 8:30. I have no excuse for why I'm this tired. Not even a little one.

OH YEAH! And my gov. got his ass impeached. I was watching the little press conference he did in front of his house, and my favorite part was after his pretty PR speech, he pretended he was going to go back inside, but then everyone was yelling questions at him. A kid was like, "Hey, will you shoot hoops with me this summer?" And he turns around, cracks up and grabs the kid and says, "Hey, wanna be on tv?" Also, the kid was wearing a Badger hat, which made me feel like he was totally sticking it to Illinois. I bet that part wasn't televised for everyone, but something about it really made me laugh.

SOTD: Light Up the Sky by Yellowcard. Because I heard this song earlier today when I was at the grocery store, having gone in straight from the gym, so I was super tired and gross. I was listening, and for a second my brain heard "Let me light up this guy, let me make this mine, I'll ignite for you." And only like two of those words are wrong, and all of the voices in my head were cracking up. This guy is an idiot! He's going to set himself on fire! Bitches ain't worth it, yo.

8:32. Nighty night.

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