Sunday, September 13, 2009

Less to say...

I'm finding that I don't have much to say here lately, but a few things you might find interesting:

I took syphilis to school for the kids to use as a loaner for rest time in case they need something to cuddle. I cut his tag off so that no one would see it and know what it is, and I just call him a worm. But every time I see it, I giggle and think about how many germs there are at school.

I went to German fest, then Irish fest yesterday. I'm on a dessert and drinking ban for the month of September, and I totally blew it. Chicago is hard. But at least I represented for my dad's side of the fam. All I needed to do was swing through Chinatown and eat some Hawaiian food and I would have been good to go.

School is fun. It's nice being in the 2nd year and feeling that much more confident about what I'm doing, and knowing for sure what is going to work. It's also fun to see how big my old kids are and get to know new kids.

SOTD: Tell Her This by Del Amitri. I was making myself a mix today of songs that make me happy and I found this in my iTunes, and I'd sort of forgotten about it. It's not really a happy song, so it didn't make the mix, but it is a good song.

PS- Taylor Swift just got dicked over by Kanye West. That's messed up, MTV. Messed up.

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Jay ... said...

Dude seriously, you watched the VMA's?