Thursday, November 5, 2009

Funny Things

Things I have seen recently on the CTA that freakin' kill me:

On Halloween, there was a guy dressed up as the Dick in the Box guy. As my train pulled away, he opened that box. Everyone else in my train car screamed, but I thought it was hilarious. That guy wins the "Total Tool" award from me. (Get it? I'm funny.)

I saw a 70-year-old dude today carrying an old school metal Masters of the Universe lunchbox.

I saw the most gorgeous sunset today. At 4:45, but whatever.

This morning, a woman got on with a huge donut, but then tried to do her makeup and realized she didn't have enough hands for all of that. I kept waiting to see her rub the donut on her face, but if she did, she saved it for after I got off.

Two sloppy drunk teachers last Friday...oh wait, that was me and my friend.

SOTD: Something Beautiful by needtobreathe. I just like it.

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