Sunday, October 11, 2009

This I Believe: Healthcare

Ok kids, I didn't mean to make this political right away, but here it is: I believe that healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. That said, I have no idea of the logistics it takes to get that done and paid for, but let me tell you why I'm thinking about it today:

I have ear infections in both ears. My right ear is infected in both the outer and middle ear. (I told my dad that and he said, "GEEZ, you're a mess!") The entire right side of my face is swollen. This started yesterday, but I didn't hit up the doctor last night because I had promised Skylar a night out and my friend Al that I'd come see his band play at a bar near my house. This was not one of my brighter ideas, for the record- I couldn't hear out of my right ear and I was miserable. The beer I had wasn't really worth it. So this morning, I got up and went down to cheer for the runners (Go Chicago Marathoners!) then hit up the clinic that's open on Sundays. I got to go to the dr. and get antibiotics for about $20. I saved over $100 because I was born to a family that was able to send me to college, and I happened to find a job that hasn't yet been hit by the recession. If I was out of work, where would I find the money for an EAR INFECTION?

Despite what I'm constantly telling you, I'm not that special. I'm just lucky. But they tell me I'll be feeling better in 24 hours. That is great news.

An ear infection is minor on the scale of things that can go wrong with these crazy bodies we live in. How can anyone deny someone else the right to do what they need to do to feel better? I really don't get it.

Soapbox over. I hope this is coherent. I'm going to bed pretty soon...yeah, it's 5:30.

SOTD: Sick of Myself by Matthew Sweet. Note to those in charge: I'd like a new immune system, please.

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