Sunday, November 7, 2010

Procrastination station

Someone on this blog is supposed to be writing progress reports.

That same person just doesn't waaaaaanna. But they are due on Friday, and if I *ahem*, if SHE doesn't get them done now, this week is going to suck huge donkey balls.

So...what did you guys do all weekend?

Ok, fine. I'll get to work. But first, I will share two things:

1- the movie Due Date is even worse than you think it will be, even if you were just looking for a way to kill time.

2- I'm newly obsessed with the band Good Old War. I want everything they've got, but this is my work computer and it doesn't have iTunes. The one that does is being fixed so I can't download and listen obsessively. My life is really hard you guys.

Oh, and if you want a blogger who is much funnier than I am and posts way more regularly, check out I don't know her or anything, but my friend sent me the link and it made tears come out of my eyes because I was laughing almost as hard as I did when one of my kids peed on his own face last week. (That is a true story.)

Happy Daylight Savings End!

SOTD: That's Some Dream by Good Old War. I'm gonna live, I'm alright, I'm gonna die, it's alright, I'm okay.

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