Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Nerdiest Nerdy Nerd


Last night, it was finally the night to go see Good Old War. I was excited, and realized that I never go to concerts anymore, and that is a bit sad. So anyway, Skylar and I go and we get seats because we're no longer "mosh pit chicks", in case that was even a possibility at this show. (It wasn't.)

They came out, and did a really great show. At one point, the drummer was playing an accordion and playing the drums AND singing. Very impressive. I was totally happy at this point- I wanted to see them, and there was only one more song I wished they had been able to do in their too-short set.

Then Guster comes out, and I like Guster. But I'm not any sort of die hard Guster fan. And the singer kept saying things, and then the crowd would go APESHIT, and Skylar and I were like, "Why are we missing all of the inside jokes?" So after we'd heard all of the songs we were interested in (except Amsterdam) we decided to take off. (I'm old. Shut up.)

I wanted to buy the Good Old War cds on my way out, so we stop at the merch table, but right when we're walking up, I realize that the lead singer is standing there selling the merchandise. So I try to catch Skylar's eye to make sure she's seeing that, and she's so not reading my mind, which is really frustrating.

(Side note: He looks like Charlie Day from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Skylar is in LUV with Charlie Day, and had called dibs on this singer earlier in the evening. She was BLOWING her chance!)

Anyway, so I walk up to the table, and immediately lose any bit of cool that I've ever had.

"Um...hi. Hi. I um, yeah, I want your cds. Yeah, both of them, can I have them? Huh huh. Cool, thanks." Then they couldn't take my credit card, so I hit up my Sugar Mama Skylar for some cash, right at the moment when she has figured out who I'm talking to, so she can't concentrate on the words coming out of my mouth at that moment. It's insanely awkward, then out of nowhere, she pulls out some cash and throws it on the table and says, "Bla-dow." At which point, I pretty much lose my shit, so we grabbed the cds, and walked out like we still had everything under control and got approximately 3 feet out the door before completely falling apart.

Note to self: You and Skylar are not ever to attempt to meet celebrities. You will fail miserably at talking.

It was awesome. I'm a huge nerd.

SOTD: We've Come A Long Way by Good Old War. This is for Skylar- we've come a long way, baby.

Bonus song for any other Pack fans living south of the border: The Bears Still Suck by the Happy Schnapps Combo. As I told my students this week, as far as I'm concerned, I have had my Super Bowl. Next week is just gravy.


Jay ... said...

Dude! How funny is "the Bears Still Suck" song"??? I really like the fact that you are supporting songs written by your 4K students! Tell Little Johnny that he did a great job rhyming for this very, very simple song.

maris said...

Listen Kennedy, until the Pack comes up with their own version of the Superbowl Shuffle, I suggest you watch your p's and q's.
And seriously? You fell apart in front of a band member? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. They are usually eating out of your hand, miss. Or was that just some rad girl pretending to be you on all those awesome nights we rolled with the band?
Just sayin'.

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