Thursday, July 2, 2009

More stuff I've done

Yesterday was a funny day for this 30 Things list. Tom gave me my second ever stick shift driving lesson, AND showed me how to plug in his electric guitar and taught me a few licks.

The driving lesson went pretty well. Tom has become more patient as he's gotten older. According to my sister, when he was supposed to teach her, she killed it once and they turned around and went back home. I successfully started, got to second and stopped around and around in a parking lot last night. Then he tried to make me start going up a hill. I think we both knew that wouldn't end well. Do I think I'll ever be really confident out on the streets? Not so much, but I'm learning. The streets here are so narrow and a little scary for me anyway.

The guitar is awesome. I didn't known I'd like making so much noise, but hey...sorry neighbors, I'm rocking out in Germany!! I may actually have someone take a video of me playing to put up here because I think it's pretty amusing. I can do all of that fancy reverb/feedback stuff. It's pretty badass, if I do say so myself.

I still haven't taken any pictures, but I have Saturday morning to myself, so I'll ride Tom's bike "into town" and take pictures there. It's exactly what you think it looks like, but it also seems funny that it looks like that in 2009.

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Ashley said...

Great anecdotes as always, lady! Did you also go with the green in your living room, or just the blue??

Just a thought, but since Keana knows all this German, etc. do you have to say "no" when asked if you're smarter than a 2nd grader? ;)