Friday, April 18, 2008

Earth shakin'

So last night, I'm sleeping, since that is what I normally do in the wee hours. And I wake up, and I'm not sure why. Then I realize that my bed is shaking like someone was trying to wake me up. I live on the top floor of a very shaky building, so at first, I think it's the wind, but then I realize that I can't hear any wind. I start thinking that it must have been an earthquake, and then my brain is all, "Hey dumbass, you live in Chicago. They don't have earthquakes there." And as I'm falling back to sleep, I wonder what the heck it was, and how crazy I'll sound if I try to tell anyone the earthquake story.

Except that it was true. Take that imaginary doubter-faces!!!!!

The only other funny thing I have to say is this: As of today, my cable is officially gone. Please feel free to do whatever you need to in order to mourn it's passing in my life. (Seriously yo, I'm SAD.)

1 comment:

Jay Lackey said...

they took away your cable??? those bastards!

keep on keepin' on!

- Lackey