Sunday, April 27, 2008

Explanation, please

Could someone please explain to me why lying around reading books or watching tv on the internet is so much more appealing than getting up and doing all of the stuff I need to do today? Subquestion: why am I such a lazy ass?

Why can't I use allergy eye drops when I'm wearing my contacts? My eyes are itchy motherfuckers even with drugs, and it's starting to really drive me bananas. (B! ANANAS! Thanks for the spell check, Gwen Stefani.)

Why is it gray outside? If it was sunny, would I be any more motivated to get something done?

How do songwriters know when a "na na naaaa" will sound better than a "do do doooo"? Do you think they go through a lot of different sounds before they pick one? Or do you think they just make noise where they have no words and then suddenly go, "Yo, that sounds awesome." Was that the thought process behind this entire Police song? Or were they just trying to stop swearing all the time, and the rubber band on their wrist wasn't doing the trick? Instead, let's try baby talk!

Why is this still one of the funniest things I've ever seen like 10 years later? I can never decide if the basketball player or the boot is funnier. Or moonwalking the business man. I just know that it makes me laugh.

My roommate is totally laughing at my whiny ass right now. I can't pretend she doesn't have a point. Lying around whining about how hard my life is because I need to go to the grocery store. I get how that's pathetic. But I'm BUSY pondering life's big questions. GOD!

Happy Sunday, people. :)

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Jay Lackey said...

where did that Taxi guy get those velcro Adidas sneakers?? totally cool shoes.

oh, and the boot is funnier

- Lackey