Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday catch up

You know how in college you had to call your mom every Sunday night to check in? That's what I feel like I'm doing in this blog post. It might be dull, but just some stuff on my mind.

First things first, I finally feel better! It's been a looooooong road with a lot of sniffling and misery, and you get to the point where you don't even realize how bad you felt until you realize how much better you feel.

It's snowing, and I was out walking around running errands and it didn't piss me off. It was actually really pretty. But that's IT. Don't make me regret telling you that, sky!

I'm debating going on another match break, because as fun as the last week has been, it's been disappointing and it starts to get harder to bounce back. We'll see.

I have to get through this week, and then I have the ENTIRE WEEK of Thanksgiving off. I haven't had a day off where I wasn't sick or at a funeral since Labor Day, and while I realize that's probably true of most corporate gigs, this is WAY harder. I'd heard that rumor, but I was never sure if I believed it for real, but believe me- I do now.

The Barnes and Noble closest to my house is closing, and that is going to make my life harder BUT I just made out like a bandit on Thank you notes and Christmas cards. I may even send them out before February this year, how awesome would that be?

I never did say much about the election, but I don't think it's a secret that I'm pretty psyched. And as much as I got a little sick of it, and I was ready for it to be over, I think I'm suffering from a little bit of withdrawal. I'm in the middle of a really long but FASCINATING (and week old) Newsweek article about all of the big players in the whole campaign. I highly recommend it.

Today is Sarah's 30th birthday. I didn't get to go celebrate with her because airlines are mean and make plane tickets too expensive. And I've been basically phoning in everything in my life, so she's not getting a card yet, but she will get a SOTD!

SOTD: Gloria by Laura Branigan. We used to lay on the floor of our dorm rooms freshman year in MN and sing this song at the top of our lungs. Our neighbors LOVED that. But even though we only lived in the same place for 9 months of our lives, she is still one of the people in this world who I can call anytime I want and know that she knows me. She will call me out when I'm being ridiculous, she will make me laugh when I'm sad, and she will always laugh at me in the good way. She's amazing, and I hope she's enjoying her big b-day. I used to call her The Bitch, but she's totally mellowed out in the last few years, so I just want to say: Sarah, don't forget: You don't have to answer! Leave 'em hanging on the line!

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