Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So you know what rocks?

My backyard. And my neighbors and wine.

What makes it better is when my upstairs neighbor finds out that I broke up with BB and is like, "Let's drink and talk about it in the backyard." My neighbors are the mf'n BOMB. Seriously, I couldn't ask for a better building. Have I mentioned that?

For real, my slack ass housewarming party is the 15th, and I'm combining it with Teddy's b-day. Come if you can. There's plenty of space.

I'm watching Jonah Hill on Letterman and he's gotten really fat. Other than my drinking today, I've been working out and eating salads. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

Funny side note: When I accidentally typed ho instead of how, my nazi spell check didn't argue. My school-based (I'm using my school computer because it's nicer) computer is okay with the word ho. Bring on the hookers, yo.

SOTD: There Goes the Fear by the Doves. Because it's in (500) Days of Summer which I LOVED. And it's in Catch and Release, which is an okay flick if you're depressed and/or from Boulder. But seriously, my break up brain loved the Summer flick. Indy endings are so much better than Hollywood endings. I'm mostly over the BB thing, but it makes me feel better to watch other people not succeed through no fault of their own. Make sense? I'm okay, but it's nice to not feel like it's my fault.

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maris said...

I'm a little sad that I've been replaced as the "best neighbor ever". a little warning would have been nice. just sayin'.