Friday, August 7, 2009


Boys who read this blog:

If you are uncomfortable with me talking about my boobs in a non sexy way, then you should probably skip this post. You have been warned.

To the ladies:

Ok, so in general as much as I know stuff about Oprah and I hear what she's talking about and I've watched more than I care to admit, she actually really tends to get on my nerves a lot of the time. I know. Call me crazy, but she is really annoying.

Awhile back, she did this whole thing about how women aren't wearing the right bra sized, and there's a store here that does these fittings and every brand is different so you really have to go check. It sounded ridiculous to me. But in all honesty, I have hated bra shopping for the last few years. It's no fun when you're a bigger girl and none of the bras are pretty and they don't fit right.

But today I went to that store. And it cost me a fortune, but I bought two new bras today that are AMAZING. I have perky boobs! And there is no spillage or backfat or weird jiggly spots. I am in love with these boobs I have right now. I've been flashing everyone. Including Tedd, who approves of my new bra. So I am going to endorse the store Intimacy, and ask for donations so I can go back. For real. It is NOT cheap.

SOTD: Girls! by the Beastie Boys.


maris said...

i will second your it is not cheap. I saw it on the show how to look good naked and made an appt for when i was in chicago. if i remember correctly, you couldn't believe i spent that much on two bras. i'm glad you've come to the dark side. we can have pretty bras! and they will fit! let's go together the next time i'm in town. start saving!

Emma said...

I want the scoop on this store because after breast-feeding three boys, I'm going to need some help to make these girls look good!! :) So, really, how much should I save???

maris said...

i bought two bras and a pair of underwear and it was in the low 200"s. the bras are about 70-90 each. you can find it online - google "my intimacy" and it should pop up.