Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh poop.

I sent this tale to my sister earlier today, and she told me that it was my best teaching story yet. So enjoy...

I was waiting for a kid to wrap it up in the bathroom today, when he keeps saying he needs help. I asked him what he needed help with, and he said he had to show me something.

I'm no sucker, so I asked what it was, and he said, "I want you to see that my poop is shaped like the number 7."

I told him I'd take his word for it, and he needed to come out. When he came out he said, "That was SO MUCH POOP. I can't believe it all went down when I flushed."

I didn't even try to keep a straight face.

SOTD: Shitsong by Kate Nash. This youtube was hard to find. Ridiculous.

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ashes said...

Tricia thinks I have a comparable poop story, but it will have to wait until X-mas. Plus, mine is with grown-ups; namely, yours truly!