Monday, December 1, 2008

Rock this bitch.

So, Turkey Day was good, fam is good, playdate with Tricia was hilarious, blah blah blah.

I don't really have anything to post but this SOTD. And since I will never be able to post anything here where the title is relevant (I have family members who look at this thing), the only reason I'm putting this up is because this song makes me jump up and down doing air guitar on my couch.

Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon.

PS- for those of you (Marisa and maybe Sarah G) who like to start rumors, this seriously is not indicative at all of my love life. I just f'n love this song. Like listening to it on the iPod on repeat the whole way to work love it. I should probably stop, because I'm getting funny looks on the bus.

PPS- What's up with all the chicken in this video? Things this song does not make me think of? Chicken.


Marisa said...

i'm sorry, but i think at least one of us should be out there (trying to keep it family friend!), and you are a much likelier candidate at the moment.

Jay Lackey said...

don't you get it, the chicken is his soul... it's about how people are trying to eat a leg, breast, wing, whatever, of your soul. it's so simple!!!

- Lackey