Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Slackey Jay!

I didn't go to Milwaukee this weekend for Slackey Jay's big 30th b-day bash. It was snowy and even Friday I wasn't 100% back from the sickness, so it ended up being a good thing. Instead, I spent the day disinfecting my apt. like a psychotic germophobe- it felt gooooood.

But back to the real reason I'm posting today- today is Jay's REAL b-day. B-day blogs tend to be sappy or mocking, and I was trying to come up with my favorite drunk college story about Jay, and even though there was the time that I dumped an entire box of cereal in his bed and he didn't yell at me, or the fact that I was there right before he went in to clean out the month-old puke from the bathroom, or the POS voting...among many many others...wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, I walked home from school today (it was the last day before it's going to be ungodly cold so I felt like I had to take advantage) and trying to figure out what to say, and just digging Chicago and the fact that I'm here and how much I like it here when I realized that Jay helped me out a lot here. Jay should have invented Facebook- he put me in contact with the person who got me the job that allowed me to move here. It was someone else that he put me back in contact with who introduced me to the roommates I've had now for over 4 years, who have become a HUGE part of my life. He keeps me in touch with people I'd probably forget otherwise. He's one of the first people I knew who had a blog, and he definitely is one of my most loyal readers/commenters.

So Jay, in looking back at your 30 years on this planet, know that you have definitely helped push my life into a way better place than I knew it could be many years ago when I was leaving Milwaukee. Can't wait to see you and Mary in a few weeks at my shindig!

(I did give the sappy warning, right?)

Jay is also a HUGE fan of the SOTD, so we're going to do a double play in his honor.

SOTD #1: Tempted by Squeeze.
SOTD #2: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.

These are his two favorite songs to get stuck in his head. Every month or so, a text goes back and forth between us saying something along the lines of "I'm going to WICHITA!" Crap, it's stuck in my head just from grabbing the YouTube. Hope your party was a great time- I expect a blog, complete with pics soon. Oh yeah- and the profile pick was just for you.

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