Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I am at work, which would lead you to believe that maybe I should be doing something. Like, oh, I don't know....working? What do they pay me for anyway? (This is actually a very good question, but as long as they keep the checks coming, let's not look too closely shall we?)

So, things that are on my mind lately:

The strike is over!!! Hooray! See, even if I haven't been watching much tv lately, at some point, I'm going to have a lot more time to watch tv, and I'd like it to be better than the reality crap I've been watching. Or trying not to watch.

I observed with my special needs kids again this morning, and every time I go, I feel more and more comfortable there, so maybe I'm rethinking my "never ever" thoughts on that. Then again, I'd probably burn out pretty quickly, so who knows. I have a boyfriend in that class, and he makes my heart go pitter patter. But he's only 6, and weirdly obsessed with butts. Seriously, if I would let him, he would spend all day patting my ass. I've seen him do it to other people too, but come on. An assman at 6?

Also, the teacher has started referring to them as "doompas". I'm sure that's not how that is spelled, but every time he says it, it makes me laugh. Sit on your doompa! Hands off of her doompa! Get that doompa over here!

I was trying to convince myself to donate my hair this weekend, and I suddenly find myself being a big fat whiny wimp about it. Turns out, I really like having long hair. I measured my ponytail last night, and it's 13 inches, so I have plenty that could go. Style suggestions are welcome.

I was having issues with my headphone cords when I was coming into work because my coat pockets aren't really conducive to putting anything in them. So I'm walking along, trying to get everything under control, and looking like a pretty uncoordinated freak when I almost hit a revolving door with my face because I wasn't paying attention. Of course, the cute guy who was spinning it when I wasn't looking was looking at me as he entered the building I was trying to leave, so I did the friendly, "I'll smile at you, and hope you don't think I'm an idiot" thing, and he smiled back and said hi, and I just jumped into the door and 10 feet later thought- SHIT! I should have said Hi. Brain, where were you on that one? No wonder I'm single.

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