Friday, February 22, 2008

Random Friday

I haven't had a chance to pull my haircut pics off of the camera yet, so I'll have a post that makes sense sometime later. For today, I have a lot of random thoughts.

One week until Leap Day, bitches. I just secured us some free Green River, and I'm thinking of compiling a Leap Boy questionnaire with my spare time.

The internet radio I listen to at work sometimes gives me funny little presents. Like, does anyone remember that Jennifer Love Hewitt used to pretend she wanted a singing career? I didn't either, but did you know that one of her songs is called "Let's Go Bang"?! I had to go to her official website to find that crap, so please appreciate it. But seriously? Let's go bang? I thought she was supposed to be all wholesome and stuff. That is DIRTY. And not a very good song.

Also, I totally LOVE this song. But I caught the video this morning, and I couldn't believe how cheap it looked. Doesn't Robert Plant have any money? Or Alison Krauss for that matter? Way to spring for a treadmill. And the bubble machine. What? Anyway, wait until it hits about the :37 mark- they have those windsock people things. Every time I see those things, I think of my internship at the State Fair. We used them there, and the company called them "blowing people". So we had a lot of meeting notes that said things like, "Shane is in charge of blowing people at the front entrance." Man, I miss those days.

I'm headed to LA this weekend, and all I want to do is remember what it's like to be out of doors with less than 7 layers of clothing, and perhaps see the sun so I can reacquaint myself. Right now they are predicting rain.

Dear universe- I remembered to pack my sunglasses! Please don't make a mockery of me. xoxo, Rachel

Have a great weekend!

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