Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some party pics

I finally have a few pics from the party, so I can tell some stories. To be honest, I black out too easily these days, so a lot of it is fuzzy, but I'm doing my best. The highlights were hearing everyone's dirt, Tim wearing my shoes, Syph spreading the love (ew) and everyone being drunk. Anyone reading this, feel free to use the comment section to remind me of things I forgot.

OH! But my roommates and my sister organized a group of people to buy me a new iPod nano, and I LOVE it. And I was totally surprised and it was ridiculous. The weekend ended with me feeling spoiled and adored, my two favorite things.

This is me making jello shots while talking to my mom. She is very proud. Everyone who walked in the door had to do a jello shot and tell me a story about something dumb they did in their 20's. I have some good dirt on people now. I recommend this tactic.

These are just some of the awesome people who showed up.

We finally took the time to actually prove that Blaire's arm IS, in fact, as long as my leg. That's why she always gets things off the top shelf for me. And hits people from across the room. She's handy that way.

Timmy discovered that he can wear my shoes. He mocked my boots all morning when I wore them to breakfast, but he's totally working them right now, don't you think?

Sarah and Tim brought Syph to continue to spread the madness...and bacteria. Here he is, keeping the cupcakes company. The cupcakes were already like that (by accident), and it just got way funnier when we put an STD next to them.

Definitely the end of the night- we are busting some serious moves. This tradition goes way back at my b-day parties. :)

I want to put up a picture of my sister, but I only have one and I think I look like ass, so this is it for now.

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