Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A really good day

I had a really good day today. The kind of day that made me feel secure in wanting to be a teacher. It started when I went to the third grade's "Open House" to show off their projects- they recreated Chicago landmarks. And all of the kids I work with in the after school program were so excited to see me and show off their projects for me. There's one kid who is usually someone I'm not thrilled to see because he's kind of an instigator. (Which doesn't mean I don't like him, just that my day has a little extra challenge when he's around. And by that point, I'm usually a little tired for extra challenges.) Anyway, he came running up to me and pulled me over to his project to show it off to me, and then he was like, "GUESS WHAT! My mom had a baby last night!" And this kid is NOT a cuddlebug, but he was practically in my lap telling me all about it. He's been an only child up to this point, so I have to think that being 9 and getting a little brother is something that would flip anyone out. And he so desperately needed to talk about it. And being there for it made me feel really good.

Then, bad news- my cooperating teacher's dog had to be put down today. She was upset, so she left and I put myself in charge (and the school let me. Score!) and I had the kids make her cards to tell her that they're sorry, and the cards were so unbelievably sweet, they made me cry. In the good way.

Short version of the story? I love kids. And I'm glad I get to hang out with them all day.

Song of the day: The Kids Are Right. (Because I was thinking for a minute that it was "The Kids Are Alright." I'll admit it was my mistake.) But still a good song.

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