Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vacay, part 2

I left CO yesterday to head for the wilds of Mantana. CO was beautiful. I'm still getting all stupid and choked up when I think about my sister's wedding. It was amazing, and I'm thrilled to have Timmy as a brother-in-law. Now I officially get to pick on him for the rest of his life. I'll post pics when I get home and I'm not stealing moments on the internet when other people aren't using it. I have a pic series of my 3 brothers finishing off a pitcher of beer that needs to be posted all over the interwebs. It's that awesome.

But get this- I hadn't been in Missoula for 6 hours before I was asked out. Seriously. Apparently, this is why they call it Mantana. And I said I'd go out with him, but the more I think about it, the more it seems a bit creepy, so I'm just going to have him meet me out wherever we are tonight so that he doesn't drive me up the side of a mountain to kill me and dump the body. He's already called me to see if we were still hanging out tonight, so I give him points for that. Unless he was assuming I was just drunk and wouldn't remember. Whatever, I'm on vacation. Which I keep announcing, because it feels good. I slept in today, too.

Right now, I've got 15 mins. until I go get a superfly cheap massage. I love the prices in this town- I was buying rounds all night last night, and it wasn't even Miller Lite and my total was $22. I went back and asked the bartender if that was right, because it seemed way too low. He thought I was hilarious.

Marisa and I are throwing around the idea of heading to Seattle on Tuesday. Why the hell not? Have I mentioned that I'm on vacation?

Song of the day? Isn't it obvious? Vacation by the Go Go's.

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