Friday, June 20, 2008

The Russian, version 2.0

Oh man.

I should maybe stop going out with dudes I meet in bars. This guy last night was Russian and German, and had an accent, but was a little sketchy about where he's from. He's lived a lot of places, but he was definitely avoiding the question. Weird. So last night, I've told the boy (from here on out known as TR2.0) that he should meet us out where I'm supposed to be with Marisa and some of her friends for an impromptu bachelorette party. Unfortunately, the bride to be decided to bail. So we went and had a beer, and I hadn't heard from TR2.0 so I was all, "Whatever, let's go home and sit on the couch in our pj's." So we headed home, and when we get there, a text pops up on my phone from 45 mins. earlier saying, "I'm on my way, but I'll probably be late." And I'm all, "Shiiiiiiit." So long story short, everything nearby closes early and at this point it's almost 11, so he comes over to M's house. I made her sit outside with me while he showed up and we had a glass of wine, and talked a bit. He's sweet, and then Marisa and her roommate (whose window was right by where we were) needed to get some sleep, so we went for a walk. And suddenly, he's talking to me like I'm his girlfriend and he's trying to make plans for when he can see me again, and I'm all, "Dude, I was thinking maybe a free beer and a little smoochin'. I'm okay with not knowing your last name." He was planning on leaving town today, so it shouldn't have been an issue. He kept talking about rolling into Chicago, but I wasn't taking him seriously. The only other really funny thing was that I thought he was asking me if I dream a lot, because I'd been telling him that scary movies give me bad dreams. And I said that I dream almost every night, sometimes all night long. And then he says, "Do you really drink that much?" I almost fell over laughing. Whoops.

This afternoon, I got a vm AND a text letting me know that he's decided not to leave until tomorrow. I'm totally laying low and pretending I didn't see that. I know I'm awesome and all, but's pretty messed up.

Marisa is out at a funeral and a rehearsal dinner- not the same place or people, just that they're both happening now. I'm a little bored.

Song of the day? One Night Stand by Janis Joplin. That goes out to TR2.0. Sorry dude.

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