Sunday, June 1, 2008


Ways in which I prove myself to be an asshole, May 2008 edition:

1.) I just wrote that it's the May edition, remembered that it's June as of today, and decided to stick with it anyway. I haven't really been a jerk yet today.

2.) I gave my 1st graders a spelling test on Friday then when I was grading them, realized I wasn't sure how to spell one of the words. (You tell me off the top of your head how many c's are in cocoon.)

3.) I went to a job fair yesterday and spent the entire time I was there hating the entire job fair concept. It seems so great on paper- all of these people are hiring! All of you want a job! Let's all be in the same room! Except that all that happens is you wait in line to get 30 seconds of someone's time, and then they just throw your resume on a pile with a billion other ones. One woman was so dismissive I'm not sure that I didn't give her a dirty look as I walked away. Stupid waste of a beautiful Saturday. Also, the sheer amount of paper that I saw there? So not eco-friendly. Considering I don't think anyone is even looking at most of it.

4.) I get so mad at Trader Joe's for trying to make all of their treats sound healthy so that I want to buy the dark chocolate covered cherries for the antioxidants, but then have to remind my brain that it is still candy and therefore, not actually a super healthy snack.

5.) I thought I had a lot more to say for this post. Maybe I'm not as bad as I thought.

I survived last week, and things really and truly are much easier for me from here on out. I'm about to finish my last paper, and the hard part of my student teaching is over, and now I'm just waiting to see what will happen with the jobs I interviewed for. (But keep those fingers crossed all the same.)

Less than two weeks until my sister gets hitched! Only 5 more days until I'm unemployed for real!

I need some new book suggestions. I've been so full of crazy that I've been re-reading books I already have, but I'm ready to tackle something new. Plus, tv is over and summer is reading time. If only I could hang a hammock in my "yard". (My deck is the roof of the garage behind my house, located directly under the el.)

I'm off to see some Sex. As in the Sex and the City movie, not porn, you big pervs.

Song of the day? Easy Like Sunday Morning. Because it's just that kind of Sunday. And I dig it. Plus, this gay-ass picture of Lionel Richie is cracking me up.

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Marisa said...

dearest sistah from another mistah,

don't bother bringing any books out here with you. i have stacks upon stacks of reads for you. cuz it's going to be easy like sunday morning all week long. can't wait!