Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So, you know how sometimes when you're talking to me, and you're all, "What color is the sky?" And I'm all "Blue, sometimes, but you know what else? Chocolate, puppies, and Shakespeare. The end." Does that answer a question? Only sort of. Is that a good way to behave in an interview? Mmmm, probably not.

Also, do you know that having people you know interview you is actually harder? I don't know. Something about it made me extra nervous.

Once I survive this week, my life will be cake. For real. I'm so close to finishing my master's, I can taste it.

But I had a great weekend. I have friends! And I got to see them! And it was all summertime and awesome! It actually makes the 40's we have today seem okay because at least I'm not missing out on summertime fun, you know?

Also, my lack of cable and need for braindead time means that I'm currently watching "Moment of Truth." Wow, is this fascinating, and wow will I NEVER EVER EVER go on this show. Also, this dude is totally sketchy, and soooooo dumped when he gets home. No matter how much money he wins.

Today's song is "Why Not Smile" by REM. Because I always get it stuck in my head on really good days that make me realize that I've been a bit of a stressball. When I'm ready to go out and have a good time. Even though it seems depressing, I swear it's not. Michael Stipe has always been very reassuring to me in ways I cannot explain.

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