Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just TRY messin' with me.

I dare you. No seriously, bring it.

On Wednesday, as I was starting to get to the point of exhaustion where I doubt every one of my life choices and consider homelessness as a money saving option just so that I can find time to sleep (it makes sense in my head, I swear), I get an email from Frontier Airlines telling me that they are no longer flying to Missoula, so click here to get your money back. No, "Sorry we just fucked you over and took away your vacation" or "Our bad, let us help you out." Just that they'll give me my money back, possibly in the next 6 weeks. Or longer, they don't really know. Bankruptcy takes up a lot of time, and all.

Mother fuckers trying to STEAL MY VACATION?!?!?!?! Do you KNOW how badly I need it? How everytime I'm exhausted and worn out and wondering what to do with myself I remember that I'm headed for a mountain paradise, complete with backyard hammock, fruity drinks, and a stack of trashy chick lit?

It's taken quite a bit of time, and some extra cash, but the vacay is back on. But could someone please remind me to stop babysitting on Fridays? It wears my shit out. Yesterday, I left the house at 6:40 am, and got home at 1 am. Again with having a lot I need to accomplish, but absolutely zero get up and go to do any of it. Please send adrenaline.

Also, an assistant to apply for all of the jobs that just got posted that I really want. Because I really want them.

Finally, a song of the day request from Sarah. In case you didn't know, I totally take requests. But this one? When it gets stuck in your head? Blame her. It made me laugh, but then it never ends, and that shit is just scary.


Sarah said...

I LOVE THAT SONG! Natalie does too, when I play it she laughs! It's pretty funny.

Marisa said...

i find it sad, yet a bit charming, that my mountain paradise has been reduced to the hammock, friuty drinks and chick lit. it's true, but keep in mind, there are also two big furry dogs ready to lick your face til you can't take it anymore. and we call it mantana for a reason.