Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In which I become...

In which I become a huge teacher dork: We had caterpillars in my class that had turned into a chrysalis, the way they are supposed to, but then the chrysali (is that plural? I should really look that up) were manhandled by 1st graders, and we were extremely nervous that they were all dead. Yesterday, I walked into the classroom, and the tent where the chrysali lived? Chock full of butterflies. It is so awesome. The kids are flipping out.

In which I became a flight attendant: The teacher was sliding in a plate of oranges for the butterflies to eat when one got out. She yelled, "Oh my god!" and I immediately said, (I swear to god this is the exact quote) "Ladies and gentlemen, we need to STAY IN OUR SEATS and remain quiet." Then I rambled something about keeping your hands down, and I swear that if they'd had seatbelts, I would have told them to buckle up. It was hilarious.

In which I forget to eat: My job situation is getting really f'd up and weird and too long and boring to put on a blog that I want anyone to read, but to sum up: cross your fingers that I learn to be eloquent, charming, and reasonably intelligent for at least the next two weeks. And not mention getting drunk in front of a 7-year-old. (...again.)

You know what I'm saying. Send good karma and hope for news. Then remind me to eat my salad, because it just sat out for way too long and it's kinda nasty now.

In which I own up to being a full-fledged groupie: Go down to my links, and click on the one for [redacted]. This guy is usually pretty funny, but his latest post about why he doesn't believe that prostitution is the world's oldest profession just inspired me to blog even though I had nothing real to say.

In which I mention T-rel's blog: T-rel Beutler (close enough to his real name) has a blog that I added to my links because he did the same for me. He's one of my college buddies, and he once called bees assholes which cracked me up and got him in trouble with his parents. Plus, he likes this blog, so we like him. That sounds totally self-centered. But he's supposedly working to spice up his blog, so go read it, and make a lot of comments for him. I think he'd enjoy it. He also likes heckling and mockery of all kinds.

In which I give it up: I need to shower and go to sleep, hopefully in that order. Is it obvious that I have no idea what's going on a lot of the time? The days just fly, and holy shit, next time can someone TELL ME before it becomes May 20? I went to write that down, and had to ask like three different people if that was right. Yeesh.

Song of the day: Sea of Love, the Cat Power version. She reminds me that I need to learn to actually play my guitar so that it does more than hang out in my room taking up space and I can go out to beaches and seduce boys with my sexy guitar playing. Also, I must learn to sing.

PS- I may have a totally low-key, superfly easy summer job lined up. By making one phone call. Wish me luck.

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