Thursday, May 22, 2008

Probably nonsensical and boring

I've had crazy brain for the last two nights, so I haven't been sleeping. But now I'm extra super tired, but feeling like the crazy has been toned down, but things are weird. Tonight was the last night of my class. I still have a few little projects to do, 2 more weeks of student teaching, and then I'm done. And I probably won't see some of the people from my classes ever again, because none of us are going to graduation. It's been so weird the last few weeks, because my class wasn't even on campus, so I haven't been feeling like a real student anyway. But for it to be done? For real? I can't even wrap my brain around it. I'll get a diploma in the mail at some point. It's so weird. It's like before, when I couldn't picture what student teaching would look like. Now I can't picture what my real unemployment will look like. I mean, I don't have a hammock, so how else am I supposed to spend those hours?

Remember the last few weeks of undergrad? When you were drunk all the time and doing the bare minimum to pass your classes? And you were terrified of what the real world held for you? So you drank and drank and told your friends you loved them, then your parents showed up and you got drunk with them too? (And then took them to graduation mass. Hell. Yeah.)

My life right now is a juggling act, and in about a month, it'll be a vacation with no security in sight. For a girl who likes to be the boss of things, this is hard.

To lighten the mood, I remind the world of the genius of Mr. Ben Folds. This kills me every time I hear it, because if you weren't listening to the words, you'd have no idea what was happening. I'd like to dedicate this to the first graders who had to feel my wrath today. (They were asking for it.)

Tomorrow is field trip day. I'll be rocking out at the nature museum and the zoo. Pray for good weather.

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