Monday, May 12, 2008

My weird life

I think I pulled a hamstring playing duck duck goose today. With 4-year-olds, not even the 4th graders. It hurts.

In the last week, I've received 3 wedding invitations and one save the date card. Seriously. And I've already turned one down because it's on the same day as my sister's.

There's a mom in my class who brings coffee every day. Seriously. (One comment: What, does that woman have every dollar ever printed?) At first, I was all, "Oh, I probably won't even drink it, I try not to abuse coffee, because I don't want to need it." My sister could probably tell you how long it takes to form a habit, but I'm going to go ahead and say that it takes a week, because I had free coffee every day last week, and this morning, after a sleep deprived weekend, it was all that got me out of bed. And then she failed me today. No coffee. Not even a hello. How the hell can I be expected to function now that she has gotten me hooked? It's not even my fault! Who turns down free coffee?

I was so tired and not okay yesterday that I seriously came close to crying when I saw the rain.

I totally bombed teaching first grade math today. Apparently, I have no idea what I'm doing.

Apparently, I mildly offended Marisa with my description of my trip to MANtana in June. I should also point out that I'm planning on a blind date (seriously Maris, hook it up), learning to drive stick, learning to sail, and general beer-y goodness the kind that comes from hanging out with someone you drank with in college.

Also, Sarah, I get that you think your kid is awesome and all, but a kid who is less than 6 months old totally cannot make the decision about the llama song being cool.

Today's song is Vienna by Billy Joel. The video I'm posting is a little creepy, but this is the song that always gets stuck in my head when I overbook myself.


Marisa said...

dearest, no offense. and if i knew where you taught, i'd send the coffee your way. b/c you and i both know i know all about coffee addictions. also, any requests for the blind date? we have all sorts out here - i'd do best with a request for a firefighter (the wildfire kind) or a raft/fly fishing guide of some sort. you just let me know. and i will see your three invites and a save the date, and raise you to four invites and two save the dates. and - the two weddings you are going to with me now (yes, it's two now), i think i might be being asked to be a bridesmaid in the first one b/c my friend dan is marrying some girl from hungary and she apparently has no friends stateside. we shall see...

Rachel said...

Wait, we're going to TWO weddings while I'm there? Is that why your mom is going to be our DD? :) Also, I'm pretty open to anyone for the blind dating.

Marisa said...

ahh, yeah, we might just be going to one now as i have been asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend dan's wedding that sat. (this is the wedding where all the hot guys will be - and my friend jeremy, who is very interested in meeting you). i've laid some groundwork. so that being said, we might just be hitting that wedding (the reception is within walking distance of my house!)

Sarah said...

Whatever, my daughter is brilliant. Shut up!