Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Here's hoping that you're reading this in a green beer haze...except for you Sarah- green oj only for you!

Looking for answers like, "Wear green" or "Look for leprechauns", I asked my kids what you do on St. Patrick's Day. One of my 5-year-olds raised his hand and said, "Go to a parade and drink alcohol." Hell yeah, Chicago kid! What did YOU do last weekend?

Also, when we were little, my mom used to dye our milk and oj green before we woke up for breakfast. It was always hilarious, until the year that she accidentally used the mint flavored food coloring...in case you missed the memo, mint + oj = NASTY. But it's a happy memory, so I did it to our milk and told the kids that leprechauns must have snuck in while we were at recess and changed the color of our milk. They loved it. I'm considering calling the dairy people and letting them in on this, because they drank about 3x as much milk as they normally do. "More leprechaun milk, please!"

I didn't do any day drinking over the weekend. Why, you ask? Because I was too busy BUYING A FREAKING CONDO!!!!!!!!!! I didn't want to jinx it until the inspection, which was today and it was awesome. I'm much more relaxed now than I've been in the last week because things are sort of out of my hands for the next few days plus I have a month before I move (exactly one month from today!) and I have my spring break in there to pack and get shit together. So anyway, I'm going to have a guest room if anyone wants to come visit my new 'hood- Lincoln Square. It's awesome, I promise.

Sooooo...what's new out there? I have nothing else interesting to report because condos take up quite a bit of brain space. I'll check it off of this list when I'm actually moved in.

SOTD: Bad Idea by Ben Folds Five. Not because I think that any of the stuff I've been up to has been a bad idea, but this song always gets stuck in my head when I'm stressed out and running around like a crazy person making to do lists longer than my arm.

Bonus SOTD: In Between Days by Ben Folds. It's a Cure cover that I really dig and had sort of forgotten about until this moment. "Yesterday I got so old, it made me want to cry."

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Emma said...

Hooray for a condo!! Yay, Rachel! That's such a grown-up move! :)