Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not to worry

So I know I've been an absent blogger lately, but I've got a lot going on and most of it is not my story to tell. But not to worry, eventually it will pass and I'll be back to rambling about whatever. A few highlights:

Remember when I was talking about how much booze I had left in my house post b-day party? Not to worry, the beer has been relocated (to BB and his friends) and I've taken care of most of the wine. And there is still plenty of hard stuff that will be perfect for backyard bbq's this summer, because oh yeah, did I mention? I've got a backyard, suckas!

I'm also working on the wine as I type. One more day until spring break, then it's pack-up-palooza up in this bitch. Who's jealous?!

One of my kids thought I had my pants on backwards the other day, and he was like, "Ms. K, I notice something different about your pants..." When I demonstrated that I had pockets on both the front and the back (the source of the confusion) he was visibly relieved. I told him that it was sweet of him to be concerned.

These are pretty lame stories to be called "highlights". I'll work on being a more interesting person whenever I get a chance.

I've got a list of SOTD's for you to account for the fact that I may be a blog slacker for a bit:

Love Lockdown by Kanye West. I don't know what it means, I just know I dig it. I don't think I'm on Love Lockdown.

Penis Song- for Sarah and Timmy.

One Step at a Time by Jordin Sparks. This song used to annoy me, and it was on my cousin Tricia's blog and it drove me nuts to hear the footsteps when I was just trying to see what she was up to. But then I was a bit stressed over the condo the other day, and I heard it and I had a really cheesy embarrassing moment of "Yeah, she's right. It's gonna be cool, just keep doing what you need to do..." Then I realized what I was thinking and mocked myself for a long time. Whatever, you like me anyway. I'm allowed to change my mind.

Be Gentle With Me by The Boy Most Likely To. I heard this when I was watching Baby Mama a few months ago and hunted it down. The chorus just fits my brain right now. And I am fully aware of how sad every part of that statement is. HOLD UP! I just started watching this video, and I have two more thoughts. 1) Those stuffed animals are cute. 2) RASHIDA JONES? Shut the fuck up. I am SO SICK of you showing up everywhere I live in my dream world. Just stop it. I'm trying to hate you. (Seriously, it's no fair- she gets to be in all of these cool movies with awesome dudes AND date Jim Halpert? It's just not right.)

Chasing Pavement by Adele. I don't know why. I still dig angsty stuff even when I'm not angsty.

And because you're already YouTubing, this is one of my favorite things of the last few months. The kid just kills me- "Why is this happening to me?!" "Is this real life?" This is totally what I think Drunk Rachel sounds like.


Tricia said...

I had no idea I could drive you nuts from 800 miles away...that's talent! ;)

maris said...

Were you drunk when you wrote this? Because your tone is giggly and "I've been to Crown and shopped the discount rack". I miss that. Tell the menfolk at crown I miss them as well. Where will you go now for Cubs updates and cheap, festive wine? Did you even consider this before you decided to leave the neighborhood?