Saturday, March 7, 2009


You know how they have those things called flu shots? And that when you voluntarily go, "Oh hey, yeah, a flu shot. I'll get one of those so I won't get that nasty nasty flu from my germ infested students!" It seems like a pretty fool proof plan, doesn't it?

Alas, it is not a fool-proof plan. I went to the dr. yesterday convinced that I had strep, and I was all, "Ok, let's get the gagging over with so I can have some drugs and move along with my life, la di dah di dah..." And then that dr. was all, "You don't have strep, you have the flu. Go home, crawl under some blankets and clear out your Netflix queue for the next 5-7 days." Lady, to do that, I would have to be able to leave the house to go to a mailbox! I see a flaw in your plan!

Also, did you really just tell me that you can't help me? Oh, that would explain why I'm sobbing in your office. No no, that's not embarassing at all. I love reacting like a 4-year-old. (Seriously, that was weird. I didn't see it coming, all of a sudden I'm just crying and she's trying to be nice, but she obviously doesn't want to touch me so she's sitting on the other side of the office pointing to the tissue box. I am awesome.)

My super smart sister tells me that the flu shot might make this not last as long. I think she might be right as today, I feel better. My brain is back in action, but my body is not. I can type, but BB just called and I'm pretty sure the only thing he heard was the sound of me drooling and saying, "Mmm-kay." I'm only on day 2 here, and I'm already feeling a little stir crazy, which should be a good sign that I'm getting better, right?

In other news, I fell in love with a condo...we'll see how that plays out. If anyone out there is a tax expert, I have a question I need help with, so seriously, let me know.

I hope everyone else is having a much more enjoyable weekend. Call or email me and tell me fun stories, I'm already tired of movies.

SOTD: Paper Planes by M.I.A. Because I, too, fly like paper, get high like planes. Also, it's been stuck in my head for like a week. Does anyone else look at M.I.A. and see the girl in high school who was really quirky and weird, but who you sort of secretly wanted to be? Or is that just me?

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