Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Rockin' Weekend

Oh man you guys- I had the CRAZIEST weekend. Ever.

Friday, I left work by 4:30 (the first time all week I wasn't close to hitting 6pm, even though I was showing up at 7:15 all week. Did I mention that already? I was crazy tired.) Then I came home and tried to take a nap.

Are you feeling it yet? How crazy my weekend was?

Then I went over to my friend Beth's place where we ordered food, had some wine, then I discovered Guitar Hero on the Wii. Now, I have never been good at video games. My sophomore year of college, I went home for winter break tired of being constantly defeated at Mario Kart and I played every day while I was home in an attempt to finally get good at it. It NEVER HAPPENED. I still suck at that game. But Guitar Hero? HELL. YEAH. That game is so awesome, and I was totally killing it by the end. I only got booed off stage once and it was crazy addictive and OH MY GOD, I totally want a Wii.

So I'm going to need some moral support- I do not have the money or the time to invest in something like this. If you hear me saying things like, "Maybe I should just see how much they cost," or "But if I buy the Fit, I won't have to go to the gym..." JUST SAY NO. The last thing in the world that I need to do is invite video games into my world. So please, just stop me before the madness begins.

Wait, it gets crazier.

Yesterday it rained so much the Tribune website actually said, "Rainiest. Day. Ever." When did they begin to write like bloggers? I went out to run errands for like an hour and came home drenched and cranky, so the second part of my rockin' weekend was me falling asleep on my couch at 9:30 on a Saturday night. I'd wanted to watch SNL, and I missed it. Do I know how to party or what?

Today is more rain, supposedly the remnants of Ike. I was whining about it in my head a LOT because it means I can't ride my bike, (and I LOVE my bike) but then I remembered that none of my property was actually destroyed and that the people I love are still safe so I decided to quit it. I'm trying to grow here, people. Despite the internal whiny-ness, I had a ridiculously productive day so I'm feeling quite good about my bad self. Oh man, and tomorrow? Tomorrow is my first payday. Hells yeah. The first thing I'm going to buy? Brand name groceries. Watch out! Kraft macaroni and cheese all the way.

I hope that the content of this post wasn't too much for the faint of heart who read it, and man, I hope your weekends weren't so CRAZY, yo.

And seriously, don't let me buy a Wii. Kristin and Jean, I'm looking directly at you.

Song of the day: Today Was a Good Day by Ice Cube. This goes out to my friend Laura who met Ice Cube at a party and he totally asked for (and got) her digits.

Also, if you've got some time, you should totally watch Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin. I laughed my ass off.


Jay Lackey said...

Hooray for Pay Days!

Also, I think Mary and I got you beat, our Saturday night consisted of 5 hours of homework for the both of us! Yes, that's correct, Jay Lackey just said "I did homework on a Saturday night!"

- Lackey

Marisa said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one doing homework on a saturday night. lame-o. and i rocked the homework on sunday night too.