Sunday, September 21, 2008

Three weeks

Ok, so whoever had 3 weeks in the "How long will it take for Rachel's kids to make her sick?" pool is the winner!

You can claim your prize if you're willing to drag your ass to my couch, because I ain't movin'. I feel like ass. But if you bring soup, I'll do my best to not pass on germs. Drugs are also accepted.

I know exactly which kid gave it to me, too. Little bitch.

Song of the day is probably a repeat, but it's The Sickness by Disturbed. Obviously.

Bonus song- their cover of Land of Confusion, because I like it. Really angry disturbed people covering Phil Collins? I'd like two, please. If Tool covered Against All Odds, I would totally be all over that.

PS- if you watch the Emmys tonight, watch out for my friend Jean with all of the 30 Rock kids. She's awesome.


ashes said...

No Oscars for me...I'll be watching Spanish sing-alongs (if I'm home ;))
Feel better!

Jay Lackey said...

when you debut "31 things before I'm 31" next February, I think one of the items to add is -- get a massage at the mall by one of those kiosk massage dudes.

random thought, but thought it would be funny to do one day while at the mall on Friday night!

- Lackey