Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weird trend

When times get crazy, I tend to want to pick up books that require very little thinking on my part and just go hang out in someone else's world. I borrowed a couple of chick lit books from a friend the other day that were unbelievably sub-par. As in, I knew what was going to happen about 3 pages in and it made me angry, but I still stuck with it because it distracted me from getting worried about anything else I have going on.

But here's the weird thing: They were both about teachers who were hitting their 30th birthdays and burned out on other people's weddings. Um, does this mean I'm not the only one, or that I'm some weird sad stereotype? Because to be honest, neither really sits all that well with me. But also, they were both way bigger whiners than I am and if I was ever that bad, I hope someone would smack me around a little. (One of them wouldn't even congratulate her sister when the sister got herself knocked up. Lame.) (Does this qualify as whining? OH NO! Maybe I am that bad! Shit!)

It's been raining all day and it's making me sleepy and you know you're tired when you think about crying on the bus and you're not sure why. I walked in the door this evening, and I was all, Well hello there, couch! So good to see you. Blankets, care to get in on this action? Let's all spend a little quality time together here.

Song of the day: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head- by BJ Thomas. I hope it's not raining tomorrow- the kids aren't the only one who could use a little recess time. I took them to run laps on our indoor track, but a few of them are lagging on their gross motor skills so they can't do things like run in a straight line and I was convinced that one of them was going to crash into the wall. It was terrifying.


Sarah said...

Okay, so my blog is all about my baby so I don't have a forum to spew forth annoyances, but has anyone else noticed that Jamie from Real World is going to be a tv character named Samurai Girl? Yeah, that's realistic.

Tricia said...

Having finally discovered your blog, I feel like my life is complete! Let me know when I should have my bags packed for NC :)