Friday, September 26, 2008

New love

This is not a match story.

I made a new friend (that's what I call my students) at school today who apparently was only coming to see me to today and today only and it makes me sad because I LOVE him and I want to keep him. In the way where I want him to hang out in my classroom in the afternoon hours every day.

Why do I love him? Well, let me retell a little conversation we had today.

Boy: Miss Rachel, would you like to hear a hilarious joke?*

Me: My friend, I love hilarious jokes.

Boy: Why did the apple cross the pie?

Me: I don't know, why?

Boy: Because he wants to hit someone in the face with a pie.


SOTD: Upside Down by Jack Johnson. Because this song has always made me think of small children because I think it's a reasonable approximation of how they see the world. Seriously. Plus, my new friend told me it's his favorite song.

*Seriously, how many 4-year-olds would actually say "hilarious joke"? He's awesome.

Also, I don't play favorites at all in the classroom, but he just really made my afternoon. For real.

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