Sunday, October 26, 2008

#17- "Ok is better than No Way"

I had a match date last night, and I'm going to go ahead and claim that I've accomplished #17 on the list and had a blind date. Since my waitress was asking me if it was a blind date when he went to the bathroom, it totally counts.

And like I told a lot of people, it was okay. And my very wise sister said, "Ok is better than no way." He was very nice, and he was funny and he laughed at my jokes. He also looked exactly like his picture, which is nice. I've totally been a victim of the bait and switch before, so he totally earns points for that.

And we'll see. It could go either way, and that's fine. And that's all I'm going to say about it, because it feels weird to be talking about it, but I realized I haven't crossed anything off of my list in awhile.

What should I do next? Does anyone have a stick shift car they can bring to Chicago and teach me to drive it?

SOTD: First Date by Blink-182. Because it makes me laugh and it's close to being topical-ish.

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