Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NC Wedding

I was in North Carolina this weekend for my cousin Erin's wedding. See how pretty she is?

After the outdoor wedding, instead of going inside to the reception, we were treated to a bluegrass band and appetizers in a tent with heating lamps so that we could appreciate the scenery. That I forgot to take pictures of. Why did I forget to take pictures? Oh, that's because there was also a bar in there and since it was cold, all of my relatives were drinking to stay warm. So I was too busy taking pictures like this:

Beautiful, ladies. Beautiful. (Tricia, you are welcome.)

These are my cousins at the end of the night. We were dancing pretty much the entire time, so we'd had to lose our shoes (obviously) and this is what our feet looked like. It was pretty nasty.

And now, a quick quiz: Which of the following did NOT happen while I was there?

a) I had a cab driver I could barely understand.
b) I was asked if I was married to my cousin.
c) I immediately threw up all over myself.
d) I had to ask if that was gravy in that pan.

Think it over.

SOTD is in honor of my sister's birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, Sarah! It's a little Neil Diamond- I am, I said. Because the song kills me, and she will be seeing the man in person very soon, and that is a big deal.

(The answer is c. B happened. Not in those exact terms, but it still totally happened in NC. Rednecks.)


Marisa said...

what i love, is that i actually had to think about what could or could not have happened. glad you had fun.

Tricia said...

I hate you forever for posting that picture. :) Miss you already!

ashes said...

Thanks for posting those awesome pictures! The second is my favorite! :)