Saturday, October 4, 2008

Karma I the only one who thinks the fact that OJ was convicted of a bunch of stuff THIRTEEN YEARS TO THE DAY that he was acquitted for murder could be chalked up to some nasty karma? Because that shit is messed up.
In other news, all of my bitching about Cubs madness making it too scary to go outside (true story) has been replaced by the CTA doing construction in my back yard since 6 am this morning. Yeah, it's Saturday, and it's 11:45 PM, and they are still at it. With air horns. WTF CTA?!?!?!?! Some bitches need some SLEEP, yo.
Song of the day: Karma Police by Radiohead. (Karma Police...ARREST THIS MAN! That is comedy GOLD as far as I'm concerned.) (Does this mean that I'm going to have negative karma? I'm not really wishing bad things on people. Really.)

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