Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bring it.

I'm all riding my bike home from work today, and there is this one stretch of Lincoln that for some reason, has a lot of people opening their doors into the bike lane. It's happened so many times that I've lost tracked of how many times I've almost been doored. And I'm always like, "SHIT! I can't afford that!" But today, I had a funny thought when the Land Rover nearly took me out- "Oh really bitch? I gots me some health insurance now, so BRING IT."

Then I remembered that I don't actually enjoy pain so I'm still glad I didn't get hit.

My SOTD goes out to Joe Biden, who I'm currently watching on tv, who just got in a line that had roomie and I cheering. SLAM! by Onyx. Seriously, Biden. Bring it home.

PS- Happy birthday to my baby brother who I hope escapes his mosquitos and malaria for margaritas. Because I like alliteration.

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Marisa said...

i just got my insurance card in the mail yesterday. first time i've been insured in three and a half years! woo hoo! so excited. i might live dangerously myself and ride my bike to school today.