Thursday, October 23, 2008


Dear Douche Bag who thought it was necessary to email me two weeks after our last interaction on match to tell me that you weren't interested,

Really? You should probably take a second to get over yourself. I will now spend the next 30 seconds mocking your sorry ass in my brain ...and, I'm done.



Also, I've been having dreams about going on dates with jerks all week. Last night it was a guy who forgot to take off his wedding ring. The night before, the dude had the nastiest teeth I've ever seen. I think my brain is reminding me to hold on to my rule of low expectations. (For those of you who don't know, the rule is that if you go in with low expectations, it's hard to be disappointed. Also, you may have noticed how long I've been single.)

SOTD: Dickhead by Kate Nash. Two other links: When I typed dickhead into the you tube search, this popped up and it makes me happy. Also, this website Reasons Why I Dumped You cracks me up. Over eager penis pic emailer is my favorite.

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Sarah said...

You should write back something creepy like, "Really, but I already morphed our two faces together to see what our four children will look like. Damn."