Monday, July 14, 2008


People, try to contain yourself, because this is BIG NEWS. I have accomplished #26 on my list of things to do! Go ahead, take a second to scroll down....

You done?

Ok, great. Now you know that I'm a big fat liar. I cleaned out my crap in storage. Woo-hoo!!! That's exciting!!! No, it's not. The funny part is that I've been putting it off for years thinking it would take me days and days and it took 1.5 hours. I'm at my folks place until Wed, and that was my only real plan for my time here. Awesome.

At the same time, it was interesting to see all of the crap that I kept. I spent the weekend with Jenn and Zack at Z's parent's place up north. It was awesome- they are right on a lake and they have two boats, and a lot of great food, and a lot of booze, and there were fireworks and campfires, was awesome. What was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, J&Z were celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary (Happy Anniversary, guys!) so there was a lot of reminiscing. I was their maid of honor, since I gave them that final push they needed to actually start dating back in...'99? (True story. Seriously, ask Jenn if you don't believe me.). Anyway, so there was a lot of talking about the way things used to be, back when I lived in Milwaukee. It was 5 years ago, and it some ways it seems like yesterday, and in others, it feels like another lifetime. So to spend the weekend looking back, then going into the stuff that I packed up 5 years's all crazy nostalgic up in my brain. But also, I remembered that I keep a lot of crap for no reason at all. Seriously, I have three boxes full of papers and books from college. I am throwing that shit OUT. I also found some stuff from the ex-boyfriend that I'd forgotten existed. I threw most of it out, but what surprised me is how schmoopy a lot of it was...I don't remember those parts at all. But I guess it's good to know that at some point, I had that in me, and that it could happen again if I ever stop meeting nutjobs. (Dear fate, please stop sending me nutjobs. I just want one nice boy. If he has a lake place and a boat, you get bonus points. XOXO, Rachel.)

Anyway, rock on- I'm accomplishing stuff!

Song of the day: Throw It All Away by Toad the Wet Sprocket. "Help me to empty out this house/ What I've gathered all these days/ And thought I couldn't do without/ And throw it all away"

PS- Congrats to Sarah G who is now officially a triathelete!! A mere 7 months after giving birth. Seriously, she kicks ass.

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Sarah said...

Which ex-boyfriend did you forget existed?