Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Silly sentiments are all I have

(Sarah G, name that song.)

I got a new phone last week. This has been coming for a long time, the old one was like 4 years old, and only held a charge for like 6 hours, so it was pretty useless. But getting the new phone meant that I had to give up all of the texts and pictures that I'd kept on there. Among what I'll miss?

  • Timmy's text telling me that he was about to propose to my sister.
  • A series of drunk texts from my sister that said, "Ass" "You are NOT nice" and then "Lordisis"
  • A message from my roommate when I was having a bad night that said, "You are better than ALL of that."
  • My sister asking me if I'd taken her no hangover gene, because she seemed to have lost it.
  • My li'l bro telling me that I smelled bad.
  • A picture of Kristin sitting on a Spiderman ride at an outlet mall.
  • Tedd asking me if I wanted to have a Threesome. (Also drunk)

So what I'm saying here people, is that you need to get drunk and tell me funny things. My phone is boring. Do your part to give back to society! Or at least entertain me.

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Sarah said...

I seriously can't figure out what song that is! It's driving me crazy! I've even googled it and I can't find it!