Monday, July 28, 2008

Blah blah blah

I had a lot of funny blog post ideas the other day, and I can't seem to remember any of them currently. Blah.

I went to another wedding this weekend. (I go to more weddings than anyone should ever have to). It was my first husband. Wait, I didn't mention my fake marriage? Yeah, he was one of my high school buddies and it was this really long running, very detailed inside joke of ours. We got divorced on Friday so that he could get married on Saturday, just shy of our 12 year anniversary. I don't think anyone thought it was as funny as we did, but I made him fake divorce papers as part of his gift and it totally cracked me up. The other funny thing was at some point, the pastor referred to him as "Godly" and I almost laughed out loud. I think I deserve some sort of medal for keeping that one down, though.

This is dull. I'm sleep deprived (my own doing) and lacking interesting things to say. I'll try again later.

Until then, go ahead and get this song stuck in your head because I always do and it makes me laugh. Just so you know? A Kiss is Not a Contract. (But it's very nice. Also, they call it a fly because it takes you up to heaven.)

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Tyrel Beutler said...

I think in some countries a kiss is a contract... crappy ones.