Monday, July 21, 2008


These voicemails are long (I won't deny it) but holy CRAP do they make me laugh. I'm bummed that they edited it out so that you can't call this d-bag back, because I would tell him all about all of my psychotic episodes and then see if I could convince him that HIS friends were jealous that I talked to him.

Also, this is way overdue, but I just saw another poster on the L, and HAVE to say it. Am I the only one who thought that Wall-E was about the Short Circuit robot? When I saw a preview and realized it wasn't, and that this robots name was actually Wall-E (LAME!) my brain was all What? Shut up Johnny #5 and go get me a Dr. Pepper. Seriously.
Song of the Day: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. Because I want Sarah to come visit me, with or without the baby, and I know this song will make her want to. You know you want to play our little drinking game every time you hear it. :)

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Sarah said...

I TOTALLY THOUGHT IT WAS SHORT CIRCUIT! I told Joey that immediately, and he didn't understand my outrage! YES!
And I love that song.