Friday, July 11, 2008

Officially old

I was on the train yesterday, reading the Red Eye, and they listed the top 10 songs in Chicago. And I didn't know ANY of them. Seriously. It's a sad, sad day.

Also, I went to visit my friend Emma in Aurora yesterday. Every time I've been out there, I hear Wayne Campbell saying, "I live in Aurora, Illinois. I have an extensive collection of hairnets and nametags..."

Again, officially old.

In honor of my old ass, a little Wayne's World clip. I think we'll go with a little Bohemian Rhapsody?

I'm headed up nort' for the weekend with my friend Jenn. Oh man! More time on a lake? My life is HARD.

1 comment:

JFred said...

WHY? Were you up at 5:52 a.m. to post this???
Whatevs. Witherspoon is excited to see you. But not as excited as Roy, Roy Westin. Yates might make an appearance, but he is allergic to everything but dancin'.