Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A funny, funny riddle

In general, I don't describe myself as a farm girl unless I'm trying to convince somebody that I'm not a wuss (even if I totally am) or when I'm trying to make a point about coming from a small town. We had animals and all of that when I was little, but I didn't help much because I was too little, and then we moved away for a long time. We didn't sell the farm because it's been in my family for generations, and I like having it here even if I don't ever plan on living here again. It has always been home. In some ways, I think I am very much a city girl. But not one of the wussy ones. They drive me nuts. But every once in awhile, I look at things when I get home and have to laugh.

My storage space? It's the barn on my parent's farm. And after I cleaned it out, I piled all of the stuff I was getting rid of into my dad's old pick up and drove it into town to donate it. That's right, I said I had to drive it into town. Because we're that remote. I had "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" going through my head the entire time.

I think the song of the day is obvious.

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