Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cheese curds

I woke up today in a funk for no apparent reason. After laying around doing nothing all morning, I forced myself to head down to the farmer's market in Lincoln Park.

Actual conversation that I had there:

"Hey, do you have cheese curds?"

"Yep, I just made them yesterday so they're extra squeaky...
Are you from Wisconsin?"


Mmmm, squeaky cheese and a bike ride by the lake. I feel better now.

Song of the day: Small Town by John Mellencamp. I will always be a small town/city girl hybrid.

1 comment:

Marisa said...

you know, ben used to play me that song on his guitar all the time. i think he knew long before i did that i would end up back here in the mountains..

ps - there was an ad in the paper today for a kindergarden teacher today...