Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Timmy!

Awwww, what's that you ask? I mean, it's awfully cute, right? It's like I sent you a little ray of sunshine for your birthday. I'm the nicest girl ever.

Or not. Anyone else remember what I gave Tim for his birthday last year? Yeah, that's right. I dropped some syph on his ass. Recently, he was mad at me for something, and when he mentioned that to a coworker they said, "Why, did she give you herpes again?" And first, I was all, "Yo, give syph the respect he deserves, don't go just assuming that all STD's are the same." Anyway, it was convenient timing because I was reminded that his birthday was coming up, so of course I go check the best gift giving website ever, and guess what! They DO have herpes, and I'm nothing if not a sucker for tradition. So order some herpes I did. (Then sent it to Timmy and being nice enough to hyphenate his new last name...because he hasn't bothered to do that yet.) I told my sister to keep her eye out for it, and she was like, "This joke will never stop being funny."

Apparently, the herp got out of the bag last night because I got a text that said, "I'm glad Sarah thinks herpes is cute since I will have him forever!" Hee hee. Tim has herpes. I'm the best sister-in-law in the WORLD.

No givebacks.

Timmy's b-day song of the day? Catch My Disease by Ben Lee.

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JFred said...

I think you should give him Mange next. He is a cute lil dickens.