Sunday, August 10, 2008


It's a beautiful evening here in Chicago, so I'm sitting here with all of my doors and windows open. I can always hear crowd noise when the Cubs are playing, but a few minutes ago, I could actually understand that they were chanting "Cardinals Suck". So I went to check, and they are, in fact, playing the Cardinals. That is bizarre.

In honor of that, it's a Song of the day double play- two different songs called Stutter! Because I can't decide which one makes me happier- the Elastica song or the Joe song (f/Mystikal.) One is very high school, the other is college, and I just can't make the call. One is edgy, the other makes me think I should head over to 201 and see if I can snag a free beer, and since it's Sunday night, maybe try to make it in time for some POS voting. Ah, the old days...

PS- Trel, you totally need to have guest bloggers tell their favorite POS stories and just tell your folks not to read your blog for a few days.

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